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Plant Sales

Plant Sales

As well as our extensive range of shrubs, we also stock a wide range of other types of complementary plants for the garden, these include:

Ornamental Grasses

The Grasses, as a family, should feature in some small way in all gardens. They are almost foolproof to grow but their attractive foliage, swaying in the breeze, brings movement and form into the garden.

Their flowering period is in the summer, but often it is in the winter, when the dead flower heads are coated in hoar frost that they can really ‘shine’, delivering interest in the bleakest of weather.

Ornamental Grasses


Akin to the grasses, Bamboos bring movement and sound to the garden as the wind rustles through their foliage. Sturdier than grasses, Bamboos deliver structure to the garden especially in the winter months.


Alpines & Heathers

Alpines are natives of rocky, mountainous areas. They tolerate cold and dry conditions very well, but most prefer a freely draining soil to prevent their roots from rotting.

In the UK they are used mainly in dedicated Rock Gardens or in Alpine Trough planting.


Heathers can be incorporated into mixed borders or alpine plantings, but they really come into their own when planted en masse in their own dedicated, south facing border.


Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous perennials are plants which have no persistent stems above ground. They can be deciduous and die back each year, examples of these would be Delphiniums, Monk’s Hood and Geraniums, or they can be evergreen, like many of the Grasses.

Where shrubs can be said to be the skeleton of a planted border, perennials are used for ‘fleshingout’ or in-filling and as such, if chosen carefully, can give body and year round interest.

Delphinium 'After Midnight', close up of abundant blue flowers on a single stem

Delphinium ‘After Midnight’

Succulents and House Leeks

The House Leeks or Sempervivum group of plants complements the Alpine range and grows well in freely drained soil. Some are hairy and some are covered with what appears to be spiders cobwebs. The plants spread by producing offsets on the edge of the plant and soon form a carpet of tightly packed plants.

Succulents are plants which store water in their leaves. They are easy to grow and are happy in full sun in the summer but some will require protection from the frost in the winter.


Hardy Exotic Plants

We stock one of the most extensive ranges of hardy exotic plants in north Norfolk. If you are looking to create an atmosphere of faraway places in your garden, then our visually exotic plants are for you.

Hardy exotic plants

They have been carefully chosen to look tropical but many are fully hardy in this region; some will require a little shelter from the worst of the east winds to flourish at their best.

Examples include: Palms, Bananas, Tree Ferns, Cannas, Cordylines, Agave, Citrus Fruits, Loquats and Olives.

Olive Trees

Soft Fruit

We hold a small range of soft fruit in season, to include Red Currants, Black Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries.

Strawberry plants

Ferns & Shade Tolerant Plants

We have, in our shade tunnel, an extensive range of ferns and other plants that will tolerate shady conditions in your garden.


Seasonal Bedding

We stock a range of annual bedding plants, ideal for planting up your tubs and hanging baskets for that splash of seasonal colour.

Seasonal bedding plants

Bulb Sales

We stock a small range of spring and summer garden bulbs in season and we also have planted bowls and pots of your favourite spring bulbs. Please call to ask what is in stock.

Garden bulbs


Whether you have have a formal herb garden, wish to incorporate some herbs into an existing border or simply would like to have some growing in pots within easy reach of the kitchen, we stock an extensive range of culinary herbs.